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Dominica is perfect for nature enthusiast, those seeking adventure in nature and travellers who just want to get-away-from-it all . . .

What do you call an island that’s 26 million years old?  A baby!  The youngest island in the Caribbean, Dominica is a beautiful Garden of Eden.  Erosion has yet to dull the sharpness of this amazing island’s terrain, so you’ll find beautiful, dramatic angles everywhere.  Energetic rivers run vigorously.  Dynamic forests remain untouched, and when you first ride through the countryside, the uncompromising beauty of the island rolling hills, secluded coastlines and virgin woods, will make you feel as if you’re at the end of the world.  Dominica is without doubt, “The Nature Island of the Caribbean”, making it the perfect place to explore or simply bask in nature’s simple pleasures.

Few places on earth exude eternal beauty like Dominica, located in the Eastern Caribbean; the island embraces a sense of serene, ageless beauty.  It’s a place where man and nature live in harmony, above and below the surrounding sea.

Scotts Head Pinnacle

Visit Dominica and you’ll remember the small coastal towns, the rugged mountains of the interior and the generosity of the people.  Blessed with fertile soil and abundant seas, you certainly won’t forget the quiet confidence of an island that can feed itself.  This island embraces everyone… well travelled couples, young adventurers, professional looking to unwind and everyone who travels with a passion not just to see things, but to make discoveries.

For the adventurous soul seeking the ultimate vacation Dominica fits the bill.  A fantasy island of rain-forest greenery and bloomery, nestling alongside rugged mountain peaks.  Everyday is an excursion to new heights of enjoyment.  Dominica is one of the most beautiful islands whose beauty is only enhanced when it rains.  For the romantics, there are spectacular sunsets, soft, misty mornings in the mountains with magnificent rainbows and the natural symphony of the forests’ songs.

A number of nature oriented activities are offered on the island, these include: Hiking, Trekking, River Bathing, Bird Watching, Whale watching, Scuba Diving, Botany Explorations, Mountain Biking and Kayaking Excursions showcase a picturesque slice of Dominica most people do not get to see.

The Carib territory is home to the Kalinago (carib) Indians who once ruled the entire Eastern Caribbean.  Here you’ll discover original Carib craft, meet boat builders and hear stories and legends associated with sites such as L’Escalier Tete Chien and Pagua Rock.

Kalinago (carib) Indians

Introducing the indigenous people of Dominica to the rest of the world is but a small contribution to the already growing effort by the Caribs themselves.  Like a nation their culture has survived the test of time, which is a tribute to their steadfastness and resilience.

Throughout its history, the fertile land of Dominica has attracted settlers and e colonisers and has been the subject of the military and often bloody squabbles of European powers.  At the time of Columbus’s visits in November 1493, the island was a stronghold of the Caribs from South America who were driving out the Arawaks. In 1627 the English took theoretical possession without settling, but by 1632 the island had become a de facto French colony; it remained so until 1759 when the English captured it.  In 1660 the English and French agreed to leave the Caribs in undisturbed possession, but in fact French settlers went on arriving, bringing enslaved Africans with them.  Dominica changed hands between the two European powers, passing back to France in 1778 and again to England in 1783.  The French attempted to invade in 1795 and 1805 before eventually withdrawing, leaving Britain in possession.

You could spend a month in Dominica and not see or do everything, so book with any of the tour operators on the island for an adventure you will always remember and check out some of these natural wonders.

Cabrits National Reserve, encompasses history and the natural environment, with an 800 acre marine reserve as well as a museum and ruins of colonial outposts.

Fort Shirley English, colonial fort is among the ruins found at the Cabrits Historical & Marine Park, which preserves remnants of the islands tumultuous history.

Roseau Museum highlights the island’s cultural and natural history.

Morne Trois Pitons National Park has two spectacular waterfalls, Mother & Father, which you can climb around and have their rainbow encircle you.

The Syndicate rainforest in the foothills of Morne Diablotin is one of the only spots where you can see two rare indigenous parrots, the ‘Sisserou’ and ‘Jacquot’.

To get to the island’s highest waterfall, Middleham Falls at 150 feet, you’ll need to take a one hour hike through a fern and orchid filled rainforest.

Jaco Flats a two hour hike that involves wading through a river and walking down cliff steps, built by escaped slaves will lead you to Jaco Flats.

Morne Trois Pitons National Park’s Boiling Lake ~ Dominica

Filled with deep gorges, quiet pools, beaches, waterfalls and rapids, Layou River the islands largest and longest river provides all sorts of recreation from swimming to picnicking and shooting the rapids.

Dominica Aerial Tramway is 4,600 foot long and will take you on a spectacular one hour journey over the magnificent rainforest, where you can glide through the rainforest.

You will the find the Boeri Lake in the Morne Trois Pitons National Park.  This crater lake on the slopes of Morne Micotrin is the islands highest, at 2,850 feet.

Morne Trois Pitons National Park’s Boiling Lake is said to be the second largest in the world, this hot spring lake is a caldron of gray-blue water at a temperature ranging from 180 to 197 degrees Fahrenheit; a full day rigorous hike with a guide is needed to visit this awesome sight.

In carib territory you’ll find the descendants of the Caribs, the first inhabitants of Dominica, or Waitukubuli, as they called it, living in eight villages in this reservation.

Wine & Dine
Dining in Dominica is a savoury story with a happy ending.  Spend a day touring the island and it’s easy to see why restaurants set such a varied and tasty table.  Fruits and spices abound.  Tables overflow with red, pink, yellow, orange and green vegetables.  Nowhere in the Caribbean will you find such a culinary assortment.

The country’s cuisine, like the island, is a blend of cultures.  African, Carib Indian, French and Oriental influences provide an assortment of dishes, which are waiting to be sampled during your visit.  Dominica’s cuisine is largely made up of a combination of international and Creole utilising fresh local produce.

Mountain View Restaurant & Bar, Pond Casse, tel: + 767 4492386;
email: is nestled within the Morne Trios Piton Valley. Mountain View serves tasty international and local cuisine, for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Excellent dining, social atmosphere and breathtaking views of the mountains, it also boasts a lovely souvenir shop.  Located just off the Pond Casse roundabout, a few minutes from the emerald pool, situated in the Morne Trois Piton National Park (UNESCO World Heritage Site), this is an excellent spot for tourists and locals alike.  Spend some time in nature, enjoy the mountains, fresh water, and clean air and then dine at Mountain View.

Pagua Bay Bar & Grill

The Saaman Gardens Restaurant & Bar, Canefield, tel: + 767 448 2930, set amid a tropical oasis, with its wooden decks extending along the banks of the Canefield River, this restaurant truly defines our ‘Nature Isle’. The experience here is always one of exquisite cuisine, cool river breezes and impeccable service.  Ideally located only 5 minutes from the bustle of Roseau.  Here you can look at the birds, feed the fish, have one of our signature tropical cocktails, or simply relax and allow the tranquil sounds of the gently flowing river to soothe your mind and body. Daily from 10am and costs from US$8-55.
Marquis de Bouille enjoys Creole and international cuisine served in a traditional dining room with old world charm.  Sumptuous luncheon buffets, visit the Balas Bar, Friday Caribbean Happy-Hour and buffet attracts island-wide guests.
Daily 7am-10pm, UD$15-$25.

La Robe Creole, Roseau (Bay front), in the heart of Roseau, Dominica’s Capital City, you’ll find La Robe Creole Restaurant.  This Dominican Restaurant is one of the oldest family run restaurants in the Caribbean.  The restaurant is currently in its 27th year of operation. Open daily 07:30 – 10:30pm @ prices from US$6 – $20.

Cartwheel Café: Roseau (Bayfront), tel: +767448 5353, is one of the island’s most popular breakfast and lunch eateries. Quaint and friendly, situated on the picturesque bay front in downtown Roseau.

Calalloo, Roseau, tel: + 767 448 3386, an award winning restaurant, serves calalloo soup and other specialities including lobster, crayfish and mountain chicken (frog).  Bananas flambé is one of their delicious desserts.

Coconut Beach Hotel, Portsmouth (North), tel: +767 445 5393 / 5415; on the beach near Portsmouth.  Overlooking the Caribbean sea and the twin peaks of Cabris National Park across Prince Rupert Bay.  Specialising in local tasty Creole cooking.  Experience the serenity of sunsets while sipping exotic cocktails and punches.  Daily from 8am – 11pm Prices from US$10-$35.
email: fax: +767 445 5693

Where to Stay

Dominica has a unique choice of accommodation to suit individual tastes and budgets from natural resorts, small villas and conventional hotels to charming small hotels, intimate inns and simple guesthouses.  Opt for the north or the south of the island – two completely different experiences.


Top End

Fort Young Hotel, Roseau (Central), email: fortyyoung,
tel:+767 448 5000
Allthough there may not be 5 Star resorts with casinos and swim-up bars, the service and pampering a holidaymaker receives here will make up for it.

Garraway Hotel, Roseau (Central), email: garrawayhotel
tel: + 767 449 8800

Mid Range
The Champs
Locaction: Blanca Heights, Portsmouth,
Tel:+1 767 445 445 2

Castaways Beach Hotel.
Location: Mero
tel: +767 449 6245 fax: +767 449 6246

Floral Gardens
Location: Concord
Tel: +767 445 7636 email:


Carib Territory GH
tel: +767 445 7256 email:

Hummingbird Inn
Location: Roseau
Tel/ fax: +767 449 1042
Email: hummingbird

Sea World
Location: Castle Comfort
Tel: +767 448 5068 fax: +767 448 5168 email: seaworld


Language: English is the official language of Dominica and is universally spoken and understood.  In addition, Dominican Creole French, an Antillean Creole based on French, is widely spoken


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